Here at Suzuki, we are hard at work making sure you’re covered with cars that are cleaner to drive.

It’s not science-fiction. Pretty soon we’ll all be driving vehicles that are fully powered by electricity. But at this point, car owners are still considering whether electric vehicles (EVs) are right for them yet. Especially with concerns such as the distances they can cover per charge and the practicalities of how and where to charge.

This is where the Suzuki HYBRID System comes in.

What does Suzuki HYBRID do?

  1. An electric motor assists the petrol engine, which is powered by an extra lithium-ion battery
  2. The electric motor enhances the maximum torque output of the engine at low rpm (for Swift Sport, Vitara and S-Cross) to provide a more responsive drive feeling
  3. It improves fuel efficiency by around 10-15%, while reducing CO2 emissions by around 25%, according to the official WLTP combined fuel consumption test versus non-hybrid Suzuki petrol models.
  4. Notice that your Suzuki feels more responsive with our HYBRID system, if you choose a Swift Sport, Vitara or S-Cross compared to previous models not fitted with this technology.

Be part of the future with our self-charging HYBRID technology. Greater fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions* will help take your Vitara a few miles further on a tank. All without having to plug it in to charge.


*Compared to equivalent non-hybrid models.